Events Correlation

Event CorrelationThe more complex the network and the more applications that are distributed, the more event messages, alarms and alerts the appliances will generate. Knowing that something has happened in your network is not enough, you have to know when, where, and why. Being able to identify, correlate events and act in time is one of the best and easiest ways of saving money in an IT organization.

Quick respond, fast root cause analysis

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By using the detailed information in op5 Monitor to the event correlation capabilities, the time needed for a solution can be reduced. op5 Monitor suppresses all host alarms that come from hosts behind a faulty one, thus shortening MTTR and enabling a more streamlined and efficient work-flow. It is important to be able to monitor and filter out the important notifications from the vast volumes of unimportant messages in order to understand the health of the network and applications. Knowing about these events in real-time enables you to react to them in real-time. 

Shorten your mean time to repair

When something goes wrong within your business network the people in charge of fixing the problems may get swamped by alert notifications and alarms from every affected host. op5 Monitor only creates one notification detailing which host is causing the outage and how many other host it is affecting. Instead of getting multiple, alarms the IT-department only gets one. This way the faulty host is easily detected, shortening the mean time to repair and enables a more streamlined work-flow.

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