Unified monitoring is key 

 If you have a large or business critical IT-network a unified monitoring view is key to successful IT-management. Having all of your network data easily accessible and understandable in a single dashboard view keeps you informed not only of your networks current health, but also where actions might need to be taken in the future.

Unified monitoring makes it possible to have a birds-eye view on the entire server, network, applications, cloud based services and their current status, performance and health. op5 Monitor unified monitoring capabilities provides monitoring on any devices and services, independent of underlying platforms and technologies where you receive alarms and notifications, as well as quick and easy trouble-shooting with detailed event correlation.

Unified monitoring benefits

  • Vendor independent, technology transparent solution;
  • Administrators can have one interface instead of many, increasing productivity and responsiveness;
  • Comprehensive, yet easy to understand, overview that enables simple root cause analysis;
  • No more isolated monitoring islands;
  • Reports that can present and visualize enterprise wide data;
  • Direct display on what services are affected by a particular problem;

The drive to unified monitoring

Rapidly growing organizations demands for delivering an optimal customer experience are increasing the IT infrastructure complexities. Leagcy point-monitoring solutions won’t help to decrease this complexity. Hence why there is business value in having a modern unified monitoring platform. The unified view of your network, applications and services provides you with valuable information far beyond the IT department. By mapping your network infrastructure, applications and traffic flow in op5 Monitor, provides you with a comprehensive overview that enables simple root cause analysis. Which will increase productivity and deliver optimized customer experiences.



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