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SIGMA Network in order to provide its customers with the best monitoring product has acquired over the years agreements with different technological partener acquiring such a high degree of expertise.


op5 Monitor is a unique monitoring tool of its kind that combines the freedom and flexibility of the open source world with the comfort provided by a commercial vendor. op5 Monitor offers an independent solution technology to provide a unified view of the entire network, including applications and services.


Prodotti Nagios

Nagios XI ™ is the natural evolution of Nagios Core ™, established standard of open source IT monitoring already in use in thousands of companies around the world with the addition of all the power of a modern GUI and high performance, with configuration and management tools up to date and secure, scalable backend.


Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer provides information on using the incredibly detail indicating network users and the applications that cause the most traffic. Using Cisco NetFlow technology (a feature of IOS software that is in a growing number of switches and routers), Scrutinizer is able to retrieve the traffic data and present it in a form detailed graphics.


Prodotti NetLD

Net LineDancer (NetID) is designed to help network engineers to manage and modify the configurations of network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.). NetID provides hardware inventory report, the history of configuration changes, comparisons line -by online, automatic changes, detecting in real time, reports and more. It also provides an intuitive GUI and easy but very powerful.


Prodotti Lucierna

Lucierna encloses the simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Monitors 100% of operations, 24/7 to deliver unrivaled knowledge in your applicazione.Lucierna exclude all the noise to tell you when, where and why it is a problem, in an intuitive way with three simple clicks, and this means that problems can be addressed early stage, before they can make you lose time and money.


Prodotti  ntop

ntop is a probe for analysis of network traffic that shows the network usage, similar to what can be done through the popular top Unix commands. ntop is based on libpcap libraries and was written so as to be "portable" in order to virtually run on every Unix or Win32 platform.


Prodotti gdata

Your life takes place online. Browsing, on-line purchases, bank transactions and write email. Do not leave to chance the protection of your personal information, trust it to G Data security solutions that reflect German quality standards. For over 25 years we protect you reliably, so you can devote to the important things in life. This is security Made in Germany.


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