Nagios XI ™ is the natural evolution of Nagios Core ™, established standard of open source IT monitoring already in use in thousands of companies around the world with the addition of all the power of a modern GUI and high performance, with configuration and management tools up to date and secure, scalable backend.

Nagios XI ™ is one of the most powerful IT infrastructure monitoring solutions on the market. Nagios XI through proven Open Source components of enterprise-class, provides a monitoring solution for IT managers more demanding.

Designed for maximum scalability and flexibility, Nagios XI ™ to make simple monitoring tasks, while maintaining the powerful attributes of its basic components enterprise.

In addition to basic monitoring capabilities, Nagios XI ™ provides an enterprise-class monitoring offering businesses a complete view of the IT infrastructure before problems could compromise critical business processes. Nagios XI provides companies with many benefits, including:


Complete IT infrastructure monitoring solution: Provides control of all mission-critical components of the IT infrastructure - including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, metrics, and network infrastructure. There are hundreds of third-party addons that allow monitoring of all applications, services and systems.

Visibility: Nagios XI ™ provides a centralized view of the entire network, IT operations and business processes. A powerful dashboard ensures a glance all monitoring information. The availability of detailed views provide users with quick access to the information they find most useful.

Knowledge: The Alerts are sent to the IT staff of companies, and end users through email or SMS, providing them the details on 'interruption of services, so that they can begin to solve the problems immediately.


Proactive planning: availability of integrated automatic graphs allow you to perform trend analysis and investment planning ensuring to update its infrastructure Companies before the systems can become obsolete.

Customization: A powerful graphical interface, ensures you to customize the layout allowing each end user support team all the necessary flexibility.

Easy to use: The integration of a web-based configuration interface, it leaves in the hands of amminsitratori full control in managing the monitoring configuration, system settings and much more. Simple wizards guide the amminsitratori through the monitoring process of new devices, services and applications, without having to know complex contetti of monitoring.

Function Multi-Tenant: The access through the web interface by multiple users allowing interested parties to observe the infrastructure status. The use of specific views for each user assures customers that they can only access of 'infrastructure components for which they are authorized. The advanced user management simplifies administration. To add a new user takes just a few clicks, and users automanticamente receive an email notification with your login credentials.

Extendable Architecture: The introduction of different API allows simple integration with applications developed internally or by third parties. many add-ons made by the community developers are available that allow you to extend the native functions of monitoring and alerting. The custom interface and using developed addon, allow you to customize Nagios XI to meet the specific needs of the company.


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