Today the management and modification of network configurations must be stable, secure, scalable, minimizing the possibility of generating errors and offering full visibility of the whole process of change. Net LineDancer offers robust configuration management features that allow you to realize all this and much more! Use the following links to explore the main features of Net LineDancer!

・ Start-Up Wizard (v13.08)  ・ Draft Configurations (v13.08) 
・ Change Adviser (v13.08)  ・ Tera Term Integration (v13.08) 
・ Terminal Proxy (v12.03) ・ SmartChange (v10.10)
・ Smart-Bridge (v11.04) - Option ・ Zero-Touch (v10.01) - Option
・ Custom Device Field (v11.04) ・ User Authority (v11.04)
・ Compliance Check (v12.03) ・ Configuration Mismatch (v10.10)
・ Integration with SNMPc (v10.10) ・ Advanced Device Search (v11.04)
・ Inventory Management ・ Configuration Diff
・ Disaster Recovery ・ Change IOS Password
・ Job History ・ Command Runner

Start-Up Wizard  
Net LineDancer Start-Up Wizard

The new Start-Up Wizard is very easy to use and there are only three steps: Add Devices, set privileges and validate the backup. Now you are ready to begin the configuration management.

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Draft Configurations  
Net LineDancer Draft Configurations Feature

Support for the creation of draft of configuration using configurations of existing devices, or import from text files. The configurations projects can be edited directly and can therefore be applied to the device (either running or startup configuration). The draft can also be compared with existing configurations to verify that only the parts we want to change are affected by the changes.

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Change Adviser  
Net LineDancer Change Adviser Feature

This is a new unique feature in the sector. The Change Advisor can work with existing configurations or draf configurations. By using the Change Advisor, and comparing the current configuration with the previous configuration, the Change Advisor generates a list of the commands needed to run the configuration rollback, leaving unchanged password.

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Tera Term Integration  
Net LineDancer Tera Term Integration
This function is very small but very useful. Working in concert with the Terminal Proxy, which allows you to automatically login to the devices and the capture of terminal sessions, we have added the possibility via a simple right click on any of the inventory devices and sign in Tera Term session on the device - running automatic login. As Tera Term is for Windows only, the same integration is planned for Mac OS X using the OS X built-in SSH.
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Terminal Proxy - Automatic Login
Net LineDancer Terminal Proxy Feature

Terminal Proxy allows the use of SSH in NetID, allowing you to "jump" into the devices present in the 'inventory by performing automatic login and full session recording. All that the coach sees or type is recorded, indexed and can be searched. This feature is so useful that as soon as we turned we stopped to connect the device directly


With the benefit that everything is recorded so mistakes are easy to locate. Of course, configurations are automatically applied as soon as the technician disconnects.

Net LineDancer Terminal Proxy Feature
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Net LineDancer Smart Change

SmartChange models are created through a point and click interface, supporting unique values for each device, enabling you to import values from Excel files. Not only it is available the history of the individual configuration changes, but also the history of all commands executed in the respective devices.

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SmartBridge - Multi-Tenancy  (option)
Net LineDancer Smartbridge Structure

SmartBridge enables support not only for the overlapping IP spaces, but allows to operate on devices geographically close to the device under management. This not only reduces bandwidth but increases competition of operations and reduces errors due to network errors and timeout of connections.

This is an optional feature for Net LineDancer Enterprise edition. Please contact the sales team for more details.

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Zero-Touch (option)
Net LineDancer Zero-Touch Feature

For the start-up for network devices, you are not required skilled technicians. This is called zero-trip with Zero-Touch. For example, imagine that the NetID server is in Tokyo, and a network device to be configured is in the branch office in Sapporo. And 'Just connect the network cable to the device and it will automatically be configured as NetID.

There are two ways to achieve this:

First, enable DHCP and TFTP server. Then assign the IP address to the device. This is necessary as the procedure of the NetID Bootstrap server sends the configuration to the device.
Note: This procedure is for Cisco IOS 12.2 or later. Startup Config is not mounted. And 'necessary DHCP be enabled.

The second way is to send to the branch office of Sapporo of devices with Bootstrap, who have already assigned the IP address of the NetID server, from Tokyo to Sapporo. Simply connect a network cable to this network device, and will be configured with Zero-Touch.
For the end user configuration is completely "Zero-Touch", while the service provider is "One-Touch". We call both Zero-Touch.


Net LineDancer Linkage with NMS

1. Zero-Touch restore the same type of device - Memory loss, setting error, restoring FLASH loss
2. Restore a new device, even if a device is stored in the cache. .

This is an optional feature for Net LineDancer Enterprise edition. Please contact the sales team for more details.

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Advanced Device Search
Net LineDancer Smartbridge Structure

You can search for a specific device for filtering with the following conditions "AND", "OR":
* IP address, Hostname
* Backup Status(Success/Failure)
* Date for update
* Device Tag, Custom Field
* Vendor, Model, Version, Serial Number

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Credential Import
Net LineDancer Importing Credentials

With this procedure you can import credentials using an Excel file in order to add a large amount of devices and credentials at the same time.

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Custom Field
Net LineDancer Custom Device Field

You can add custom fields in DeviceView and set user permissions for each custom field. It also allows you to name the custom fields as you want.

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User Management
Net LineDancer User Authority Setting

Net LineDancer Ver.11.04 improves gestionde degil users.
There are 26 types of permissions to set the sights of autoirzzato NetID for each user. It also allows you to authorize the operation for each user network.

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Compliance Check
Net LineDancer real-time compliance feature

Net LineDancer real-time compliance featureAs soon as a rule is broken in device configuration, netLD detects the devices and report it to administrators. The compliance engine is simple yet powerful enough to express just about any rule you can think of. Policies can be applied to your entire inventory, or partitioned to apply to specific sets of devices.

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Configuration Mismatch
Net LineDancer Configuration Mismatch feature

Net LineDancer Configuration Mismatch featureIf there is a difference between the device's running-config and startup-config, configuration mismatch violation status icon will be displayed. You can see differences by clicking this icon. As you can standardize configurations, its configuration will be recovered easily when errors occur.


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Integeration with SNMPc
Net LineDancer Linkage with NMS

Net LineDancer Linkage with NMSnetLD can work with our SNMPc from ver.10.10. It allows your manager system to take measures for network trouble.

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Inventory Management
Net LineDancer Configuration Diff

Net LineDancer Configuration DiffFull hardware inventory, including chassis part and serial numbers, as well as those of cards, daughter cards, power-supplies, and even fan tray assemblies. Great for keeping your vendor support contracts in sync with your deployed hardware.

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Configuration Diff
Net LineDancer Configuration Diff

Net LineDancer Configuration DiffYou can compare two configurations, each configuration of the same devices and configurations of the different devices.

For example, you can compare a device's configurations between running-config and startup-config.

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Disaster Recovery
Net LineDancer Configuration Recovery

Net LineDancer Configuration RecoveryIf the running device has trouble, replacing the device to a replacement device will be necessary. It allows you to put configurations into replacement devices and restore them.

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IOS Password Change
Net LineDancer IOS Password Change tool

Net LineDancer IOS Password Change toolYou can change IOS password of multi-devices by netLD wizard directly. In addition, you don't need to enter commands because netLD has dedicated dialogs for changing passwords.

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Job History
Net LineDancer allows you to not only check job history and also compares outputs or recycle jobs.

Net LineDancer allows you to not only check job history and also compares outputs or recycle jobs.Job histories that netLD ran are saved on netLD database.

It allows you to know at first sight of "When", "Who" and "Which" job.

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Command Runner with Scheduling
Net LineDancer Command Runner with Scheduling

Net LineDancer Command Runner with SchedulingYou can send commands to devices to check or change configurations directly from netLD by using Command Runner tool. For example, you can use this tool to set schedules for access-lists by clicking one button.

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