Proactive monitoring

Preventive monitoring

NetMole monitors 24 hours 24, 365 days a year the devices and associated services and notification by email or SMS when a change of state. It also has a web portal, where you can see the same information sent via e-mail / SMS and have different types of graphs and statistics of the monitored devices.


What NetMole?

NetMole is a service that monitors 24 hours 24 devices and associated services, and email or SMS the state of the same. It also has a web portal that graphically portrays the same information received by mail and won several graphs and statistics of the monitored devices and services. NetMole offers preventive action and identifies problems that may arise (eg, availability of memory, hard disk status, CPU, decrease in execution speed of applications, increase of the occupied disk space) thus avoiding performance degradation and the services provided by the systems.

NetMole, a new service that informs you via email or SMS

When one of the monitored services reaches the level of WARNING, or CRITICAL, an alert is sent via email and / or SMS to the email address or the preset number; same method when services return the state OK (normal). It will also be notified of any changes in status in the event that the system is DOWN (non-operating) or lathes functioning UP (operation).

How does it work?

The NetMole offer is made up of two basic options to enable enterprises to be monitorarate 24 hours 24 in complete tranquility.

Client NetMole: The solution for comfort all year round. No need to install any tracking software in your network. It 'just a VPN (secure and private) between our data center and the monitored network, then all servers will be monitored, the network devices receiving the information via the Internet on the monitored parameters, and consequently intervene whenever it occurs the overcoming of the value thresholds.

On Server NetMole will be received all the information on the monitored parameters, they will be processed and on occasions were above the thresholds set for each individual service, sent the corresponding alert messages. Inotre all information is stored and can be accessed through the web portal of NetMole. Through the portal you can see the current and historical status for each device or monitored service, observe graphs of various statistics offered by the service such as: availability of services, servers and network devices, usage trends, load level, graphic performance, etc. You can also create schedules report, daily, weekly, monthly and send them by email in PDF, CSV to the corresponding dipartimetno responsible.

Local NetMole: All information and statistics directly in your company to optimize the activity. With this solution, you can monitor all devices, add or delete network elements (in relation to licenses purchased) and / or services, or other parameters necessary for the IT department. You can also check the current status and history of the monitored services and view graphs of the various statistics such as: availability of services, servers and network devices, usage trends, load level, graphical performance, etc. You can program the equipment management activities, during which the alarm will not be produced. All stored information can be used to plan the development of infrastructure (Capacity Planning), to know the degree of availability of services and devices, to determine compliance with established service levels (SLA report).



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