Remote Assistance

S.I.G.M.A. Network offers to its customers a remote assistance service, which allows to intervene fast, effective and economical to solve problems related to installed on systems and server software. .

This service is for customers who have signed a service contract or dedicated to consolidated customers. The service is provided through a small application that must be run from any computer on the customer's network and that allows our technicians to access.

All this without the need of having to install software and in safety because it uses a secure connection with authentication for each session of assistance with credentials provided from time to time by the customer.

When executed the small application (after downloading the software) generates a user code and password that will be sent to the technician to grant access to the client systems.



How does it work? Using the Internet and with just one click, the technician intervenes on your computer, server or system, allowing the customer to oversee all activities

It's safe?

Yes, it is the customer authorizing the activity and allows the connection can be established and at any time can see the technical work in real time.
Who is it for?
A professionals and companies.
What can be repaired? Most of the problems, for all other situations that can not be resolved remotely, we can arrange an on-site intervention.
What's included? specialized services for new installations or to improve its infrastructure.



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