The NetMole solution, allows you to monitor 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, 365 days a year, all of the devices, the associated services and the application code, and send email about the status of each monitored item.

Also it has an online portal where you can see all this information and obtain graphs and other statistics type.

What's NetMole?

By integrating leading products in the market monitoring, the NetMole solution enables preventive action and allows you to identify problems that may arise in the network (eg saturation of memory, hard disk, processor, low speed of execution of the application, end user experience, percentage of growth of archived data, and by the way, the occupation of bandwidth, network protocols and protocol of 3G mobile communication / 4G and LTE, etc.) thus avoiding the disruption of services, and the catch of systems.

NetMole, an innovation in the monitoring services scene

NetMole monitors 24h-24h, 365 days the systems and the associated services and all that refers to the IT infrastructure, and can alert via email or SMS to be informed about the status of the devices. It also has an online portal, where you can see all the information and have different types of graphs and statistics on monitored devices and services. When a service reaches the threshold WARNING or CRITICAL is sent an e-mail or SMS as if the service returns to its normal state (OK). By the same token, when a DEVICE is DOWN (Operating Not) NelMole send an email, even when the state will again be UP (Operational).

NetMole, how it works

NetMole is available in two versions, both designed to ensure 24 hours of tranquility to the IT team.

Client NetMole: The solution to be quiet all year. No need to install any tracking software in your network. It 'just a VPN (secure and private) between our data center and the monitored network, then you will be monitoring all servers and network devices via internet getting information on the monitored parameters, and to act accordingly whenever it verification overcome the established thresholds.

In NetMole server, which receives the monitored parameters, the data is processed and send the corresponding alarms and stores information for be directly in NetMole portal. Through the portal, you can see the current status and history of the monitored services, view graphics and features such as status: service availability, server usage trends, load level, performance graphs, etc .. You can also create reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and send them by email to the IT department.

Local NetMole: With this solution, we can monitor all IT infrastructure elements, add or delete network elements (according to the licenses purchased) and / or services or any other parameter necessary IT infrastructure. You can see the current status and history of monitored services and observe graphs of different features, such as: availability of services, servers and network devices, usage trends, charge level, performance charts, the most widely used protocols. Through the portal you can schedule maintenance activities, so that you do not receive alarms during this period.


All stored information can be used to draw up the plan for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, understand and assess the degree of availability of services and devices, determine the respect of the supply contracts for services in outsourcing ( SLA reports).



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