Storage Solution

The continued demand for space where to store the data and the relative decrease in the cost per gigabyte of storage devices has allowed the development of a number of solutions in this field.

DAS Solutions

Das Solutions

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is the simplest storage technology is to connect storage devices (hard disk) directly to the server or workstation

The main protocols used in DAS solutions are SCSI, SAS y Fibre Channel, traditionally a DAS system allows you to add extra storage capacity to a server, ensuring a good transfer rate and speed data access. A typical configuration of a DAS system, is composed of one or more storage devices, such as hard disk drives, and one or more controllers. The connection interface between storage devices and the server is achieved through host bus adapter (HBA).

NAS Solutions

Nas solutions

In a system of servers that provide services such as IIS, Apache, MySQL or SQL, there may be the need to access data stored in one device.

As it is not possible in real time to replicate data across multiple servers, to ensure data consistency the easiest option is to store them in a single device. With a network device that stores the data (NAS Network Attached Storage), the web server can have access to this information, using for example Samba or NFS protocol in a local network.

We implement NAS solutions using open source products such as FreeNAS, to make storage devices suitable for any customer requirement.

Redundant storage devices

REdundant Storage Devices

A further step forward for redundancy and high availability infrastructure, is to use two or more storage devices redundant Both devices are configured on the same local network and share the same IP address.

With this Configuring, if one of the servers will be offline or inoperative, it will still be granted access to the data. You can make these configurations in either a Linux environment (DRDB) or Windows.

Storage Area Network (SAN)


If you require a storage solution shared across multiple servers and a very high traffic, then choose to implement a SAN could be the best solution

This solution is based on a dedicated network connection to 1 GB or more (up to 8GB) of FC protocol or iSCSI protocol, a SAN solution is the best solution to ensure access to archived data from multiple servers. The configuration of this solution guarantees a high level of performance, and a simplified use because the SAN storage is seen by the server as a normal local volume.

Our experts are available to provide all the necessary information for the best solution on how to store and protect their data. We will evaluate which storage solution can meet the needs of your company, in order to respond concretely in terms of scalability, redundancy and performance.



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