Server virtualization represents a solution that adapts to the needs of each company, allowing cost reduction and increased business continuity and ensuring ease of administration of computer systems.


What is virtualization?

During the virtualization process you create, within a single server, more than one operational area for the installation of multiple servers or virtual PCs, independent of the operating system.

So within a single physical server can install various virtual servers that are Windows 2008 Server, Linux or others as needed.

We offer virtualization services using tools of the main virtualization software vendors, leaders in the market, adapting them to your needs as a type of business, type of utilize available investment entities and work platform server.


Why virtualize?


  • Reduction of hardware purchase costs and consolidation Server.
  • The IT administration is more easily.
  • Reducing power consumption, increasing energy efficiency by contributing to environmental care.
  • Reduction of the physical space needed to implement the Datacenter.
  • Reduction of downtime for scheduled activities.
  • Increased business continuity.
  • Reduction of the downtime of the machines due to a disaster.
  • Virtualization of all servers, PC and enterprise applications, on one or more depending on the needs identified server.

With the introduction of virtualization we can achieve a significant reduction in costs for managing your IT environment, enhancing quality of services and availability of the platform.

What allows you to do

Consolidate hardware configurations and standardize all operating systems.


alta disponibilità

Improve availability, recovery and flexibility with interchangeable physical servers.



Save time and money by reducing operational risks, and return operational quickly.



Vmware - vSphere ESXi



VMware ® is a leading manufacturer of IT infrastructure virtualisation solutions for companies. Included with vSphere there ESXi, VMware's most advanced hipervisor in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Ultra-compact architecture.
  • Complete virtualization platform.
  • Full integration of the IT infrastructure.
  • configuration and implementation process simplified

Microsoft Windows Hyper V



Hyper-V is a virtualization capabilities of the hypervisor, as a specific application functionality included in Windows Server. Hyper-V runs directly using the hardware of the physical server and enables the simultaneous operation of multiple operating systems on the same server.

  • Ability to handle large amounts of memory.
  • It supports up to 8 processors.
  • It supports clustered shared volumes.
  • Improves server utilization.
  • It requires few resources for use.



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